• Computer Repair Services

    We offer Computer Repair services at our office in Mangum, On-Site at your business and Remotely. Our remote support capability allows us to provide fast support for your computers at an affordable cost. Remote support is an great way to get quick help for minor problems, get answers to questions or find out what that strange error message is about. We offer Remote Support on both an "as needed" basis, as well as part of an on-going maintenance agreement.

    We make it easy. Give us a call or click here to get started.

  • Web Services

    Traditionally, if you wanted a website you have a couple of paths to follow.

    1. Try to do it yourself with a website builder and get frustrated.
    2. Find somebody local that wants to give it a try as a hobby
    3. Hire a big professional Web Design company and spend thousands of dollars
    4. Hire us to create a good basic or custom site that will get your message out in a clean, professional manner, but at a price that you can afford.

    We handle all of the headaches of the technical things like domain names, hosting, backups, updates, etc.. You get a website that works and looks good doing it.
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  • Backup Services

    Our off-site backup service is secure and worry free for you. We monitor the backup jobs and watch for any issues, so you don’t have to worry with it. This offers a much better alternative to using a USB hard drive that can fail and usually runs software that is not very reliable. The real measure of a backup solution is, do you have a good backup and can you successfully restore it. We have successfully restored every customer that has needed their backup.

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  • Network & Security Services

    We offer:
    * Anti-virus service,
    * Network cabling,
    * Router installation
    * And other network and security related services
    to keep your network and computers free of viruses and malware so they can run at their best.

    We make it easy. Give us a call or click here to get started.

What We Do


Ultimate IT Guys LLC specializes in helping Housing Authorities and small businesses with their computer problems. We offer remote support, on-site support, off-site backup, anti-virus program, preventative maintenance, website building and website hosting.

Most of our customers choose to have us perform monthly maintenance of their computers remotely. Under this plan we help keep your computers running smoothly and can usually avoid many problems. Also, under this plan we answer your quick simple questions at no extra charge. Many customers find this to be very helpful and cost effective. They like knowing that there is someone to call when they can’t remember where to find something in Excel or there is a strange error message.

Let Us Help You


Ultimate IT Guys LLC is not a one man operation. We have multiple techs, so we have the ability to always have coverage for helping you. We try to perform our routine maintenance during times that you are not open or the user is not using the computer, so that we do not impact your work.

We each have several years of experience in the computer industry where we have worked on computers for some of the largest companies in the world. We are not hobby computer techs. We all have real world experience working on computers in a business environment. Again, we don’t just work on computers, we specialize in helping housing authorities and small businesses keep their computers running smoothly so you can focus on the rest of your job.

Is your computer old?

Here are a few quick things to help you purchase your next computer. Typically, you should replace your computers every 3-5 years. It is possible to get longer use. However, at the rate that technology changes today, you will probably suffer from lost productivity and added expenses to maintain them after that point.

A checklist for helping you determine if you are ready to use mobile apps for inspections, work orders or meter reading at your housing authority. This Checklist is one of the handouts that accompanied a presentation that we did at the SWNAHRO Maintenance Conference. If you would like more information or the complete set of files from that presentation, please contact us at 580-782-2266 or cdavis@ultimateitguys.com.


Get Windows 10 Upgrade Notice

As many of you heard, Microsoft has released their new Windows 10 Operating System.

We have been actively testing Windows 10 Pre-Releases for several months. There are many improvements over previous versions of Windows and is much easier to navigate than Windows 8. However, we do not recommend right now that any of our business customers upgrade to Windows 10 at this time.


Dell Refurbished Windows 7 Laptop

This Dell Latitude E6420 Laptop has been professionally refurbished and is ready to use. This used laptop has an Intel i3 processor running at 2.1 Ghz, 4GB of memory and has Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. This will make a good inexpensive laptop for school or work. It has the power to handle most computing tasks with ease.

Price $299

If you are interested, give us a call at 580-782-2266 or Click Here to send me an email with your question.

If you are ready to purchase use the Paypal Buy Now button to complete your purchase.

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, Cash or Check for payment.



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We Serve Small Businesses!

Business and technology today reaches far into the rural areas. Regardless of location, small offices tend to have trouble finding dependable, qualified people that are willing to work on their computer equipment. The Ultimate IT Guy LLC is committed to providing small businesses and government agencies with access to the expertise often reserved for large corporations, allowing you to focus on the work you need to accomplish. We take care of your computer and network problems, so you don’t have to!



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