Why do I need to cleanup my computer?

Keeping your computer cleaned up helps your computer to run at its best. All computers naturally get slower over time. A slow computer means less productivity and more problems. Usually the problems are not readily noticeable, because the slow down happens over time and not all at once. A major cause of this slowdown is from temporary files that your web browser and programs create while you are working, reading email or surfing the internet. By removing these temporary files periodically your computer will run faster and have fewer problems.

What does Preventative Maintenance mean?

The idea is to get ahead of the issues and fix them before they have a chance to become a big problem.

We do this by:

  • Monitoring for potential problems and issues so they can be dealt with before they become a big problem
  • Periodically check and run updates for Windows • Periodically check and run updates for other programs (Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, Java, etc)
  • Cleanup temporary and other junk files
  • Cleanup junk programs that have been accidentally installed
  • Check the hard drive for errors and organize the files on the hard drive for faster access. This is commonly referred to as Defragging the hard drive.
  • Basic Risk Scanning checks for problems that would cause your computers to be out of compliance with PCI (credit card) or HIPAA rules. This is a simplified, automated version of the Enhanced Risk Scans and reports that we manually ran during the HIPAA discovery.

By having Preventative Maintenance, your computer runs better and is safer. This means you can get your work done and have a less stressful computer experience.

Why do I need Preventative Maintenance?

Maintenance helps keep your computer safe and running at its best.

Keeping your computer updated helps you to stay more secure and decreases the chance of being a victim of viruses, malware, hacking, and scams. Most updates for Windows or your programs are usually to fix a security hole. An up to date computer also will have fewer problems, so you can work more efficiently.


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