Do Not Use Yahoo Email

If you are a Yahoo user, you have been hacked. Period...end of story.

I have been telling my users and people at conferences for a long time that they should not be using free email services such as Yahoo for their business email. Yahoo has been hacked repeatedly and they have tried to hide their problems time after time. Now that the sale of Yahoo to Verizon has been completed, Verizon announced that they uncovered that Yahoo breaches had been much worse than previously reported by Yahoo. Verizon says that EVERY Yahoo user has been compromised! That means over 3 Billion user accounts are in the hands of hackers and identity thieves.

You are not only impacting yourself by continuing to use Yahoo. You are also putting all of your personal and business contacts at risk. If you are still using your Yahoo account, please stop now! We can help you.

For your business, you need to be using a business quality email account. If you are with a housing authority or other agency that is subject to open records requests, you should also have email archiving. We can provide these services for you. Through our partnership with Rackspace and Microsoft we offer Business Email, Hosted Exchange and Email Archiving starting at just a few dollars per month. These business email accounts go through 4 layers of spam and anti-virus testing before an email ever arrives in your inbox.

Contact us today to see how we can help you stay safe and secure by using email that was designed for business.


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