Do you have a Windows 8 PC or Laptop, but find that it really doesn't run very well or you can't navigate like you used to do in previous versions of Windows? We have 5 Quick no cost or no cost tips to help improve your Windows 8 performance. Download our tip sheet to learn more.

Windows 10 Preview

Yes, the start menu is back in the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The start menu was completely gone in Windows 8, which was one of the biggest sources of frustration for most users. In Windows 8.1 the start menu was kind of put back but not really what most people wanted. It looks much better in Windows 10 as a nice combination of the traditional start menu that we are used to from previous versions blended with a few Windows Metro Tiles. So far this looks and behaves much better.

We will be testing Windows 10 and reporting back with our findings over the next few weeks.


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